Go with the Flow


With every new painting project, I find somewhere after the initial excitement fades, somewhere around the middle, I start doubting myself and noodle in the process.  There were many times, when I was trying to figure out what the fork am I doing? Laughing to my inner self but determined to work through the process.

I like to challenge myself.  In over 2 decades my painting themes have changed, reinventing myself with the never ending need to grow.  Experimenting with colours and textures, trying new things, almost like a teenager with a wild streak.

2020 has been rewarding in a creative sense, where having no deadlines to kick and no shows to show, has allowed me to paint for myself and find meaning in the wonky! This painting is one of them. This work was based on a creek, taken looking down from a bridge surrounded by ever greens.

Trying to capture the essence of what I experienced and finding the proper perspective that showed it's beauty gave me 3 weeks to figure out what I am doing!  Scraping and repainting, leaving it alone, keeping it fresh… I had to stop listening to my inner critique and tune to "All will be good" mantra.

Soon enough, I became comfortable with the uncomfortable. With every new painting, I learn more about myself, and that things do not go perfectly all the time, whatever perfect means!  And that it is okay to make mistakes as you learn new things.  And that there is nothing wrong to noodle and figure things out.  Learning is growth and being present! Crush that fear… and once you get over the hump… it is smooth sailing once more!

"Flow" 30" x 40" Oil on Wood Panel