Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

I can't believe it's Christmas time!  This year has gone by so fast with so many blurry things all rolled into one.

Certainly a whirlwind of many emotions ranging from doubt, fear, disappointment, sadness yet hand-in-hand to this were feelings of comfort with family, solace, empowerment and hope.  The pandemic which started early this year certainly affected the whole world where we all had to isolate, yet we bonded with a new hope.

This holiday season as we go back into lockdown, it will certainly be a different one, but we will celebrate with our immediate families and treasure all we have.

This year was certainly a different one, especially in terms of being an artist/teacher.  All my art shows scheduled after March were cancelled as well as all my workshops.  After a few weeks of disbelief and enjoying the sudden free-time, I had to reevaluate my year ahead and filled it with creative play.  All of a sudden, I had no deadline to produce work for a particular show and it opened up opportunities to play.  I painted with colours I never played with before and attended a few online workshops from artists I admired.  I started an Instagram live " What's New - Art Chat" where I talked to my favorite artists and friends to reconnect, to inspire and to reach out to those who want to get an inside look on the day-to-day lives of artists.  What was more special was being able to reconnect with friends and family on an online platform and also use this as a tool to do art demonstrations and online classes. I learned to adapt, to cope and explore being in a cocoon of Covid-19 confinement.   

Somehow being in my own bubble wasn't different at all, just this time, it was shared with the world.   It was okay, it wasn't perfect, but in some strange way, I didn't mind it.

I prayed a lot this year too and reconnected with more friends via zoom or phone more than ever.  I treasured every day, and made it a practice to be mindful and stay positive.  

I must say, I will never forget this year, 2020. It was a year of many deep thoughts, lost jobs, isolation and numerous deaths. But with the Yin, we have the Yang, of endless gratitude, love and patience.    Hope is in the horizon. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!!

Stay safe,