How to Get Started?

The best way to start a painting for me is to first have an idea.  What is inspiring me today?  What do I want to say to my viewers?  For starters, let me share that I love nature.  Nature inspires me, the beauty of life in every stage, colour in every season, lush and mystery!

But what part in nature do I want to paint? Flowers? Trees? Foliage? Views?  Lots to chose from.

Once you get a general idea of what inspires you, then you can move on to how to begin. If you have never taken an art class, this may be the first step.  Perhaps a Beginners Drawing class can get your started with creating shapes and form, understanding good composition, and then slowly gravitate to a medium of choice.

I would try every medium at least once.  This may be either Watercolour, Oils, or Acrylics then perhaps trying Encaustic, Fiber Art, Digital Art, and Mixed Media.  From each class you will discover all the wonderful effects each medium can deliver. How each medium behaves, blend, dry, and perform. 

From there, you can choose 1 medium to focus on.  Give it at least, 12 sessions or at least 3 years to understand and experience.  To make mistakes and learn from the process.

In my art journey, I started painting poster paint in grade school, then with oils in university, watercolours and lastly, acrylics.  I loved acrylics which is why I enjoy teaching it!!! The versatility, the easy clean up, the way it adheres to any surface, the colours, and the archival properties…. Love love love!   I also enjoy painting with Oils, because of its ability to stay wet while painting outdoors, which is called “en plein air” and being surrounded by the one thing that inspires me…. Nature.

Generally, how to get started comes with knowing yourself and what inspires you.  Then choosing a medium of choice which works with your personality, creative space, and time.  Now it’s time to get started!


Have fun!